The third season of First Wave contained 22 episodes.

  1. "Mabus"
  2. "Raven Nation"
  3. "Comes a Horseman"
  4. "Gulag"
  5. "The Flight of Francis Jeffries"
  6. "Still at Large"
  7. "Asylum"
  8. "Eyes of the Gua"
  9. "Skywatchers"
  10. "The Plan"
  11. "Wednesday’s Child"
  12. "Unearthed"
  13. "Shadowland"
  14. "Legacy"
  15. "The Edge"
  16. "The Vessel"
  17. "Requiem"
  18. "Checkmate"
  19. "Black Box"
  20. "Beneath the Black Sky"
  21. "Terminal City"
  22. "Twice Bless’d"

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