The second season of First Wave contained 22 episodes.

  1. "Target 117"
  2. "Deepthroat"
  3. "The Apostles"
  4. "Susperience"
  5. "The Channel"
  6. "Red Flag"
  7. "Prayer for the White Man"
  8. "The Purge"
  9. "Lost Souls"
  10. "The Heist"
  11. "Ohio Players"
  12. "Night Falls"
  13. "Normal Illinois"
  14. "All about Eddie"
  15. "Playland"
  16. "The Harvest"
  17. "Rubicon"
  18. "Gladiator"
  19. "Trial of Joshua Bridges"
  20. "Underworld"
  21. "Tomorrow"
  22. "The Believers"

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